Women’s FRNSW v Navy 10 Aug18 Game Report

On Friday 10 August 2018, the FRNSW Women’s Rugby League team took on the might of our armed services in the shape of a very strong Navy side.   The Navy side had gone into camp a week earlier for this game so we were aware that they were going to be tough. Inspirational talks from Deputy Commissioner Jeremy Fewtrell and Assistant Commissioner Paul McGuiggan had effect as we broke the Navy’s line from kickoff. Navy responded by scoring after sustained pressure on our line. FRNSW hit back straight away with two tries in the first half.   The game then became a fierce arm wrestle, the result could have gone either way. FRNSW showed commitment and resilience in defence which resulted in FRNSW scoring a further three tries. The final result was 28-20 with FRNSW coming out the winners. This game was played in good spirit and showcased a very high standard of play. Thank you to the players for making themselves available, everyone enjoyed playing which is what it’s all about. Thank you to FRNSW for their support, and thank you to all those fire fighters on shift and off shift and family who came out to support the players, it was much appreciated. Team was as follows:

Jasmine Sarin

Tegan Chandler

Alana Haswell

Maddison Terry

Matilida Quist

Vanessa McKellar

Brooke Dent

Sandy Scott

April Merlino

Jacqueline McDonald (Reserve)

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