Opens FRNSW v Navy

On 31 May the FRNSW team – made up of admin staff, retained and permanent firefighters – came out on top with a 22-10 win and the Ship to Shore perpetual trophy at the curtain raiser game before the Manly-Cowboys played at Lottoland stadium.

With the scores locked at 4-all at halftime, the crowd was certainly pumped for a thrilling second half.

It didn’t take long for FRNSW to quickly crack the Navy side that went into camp on Sunday for preparations for this game.

With Captain Mat Waugh shutting down any attack that broke the line and some brilliant hooker work from Andrew Stott that got the halves going forward, the Navy where left wanting.

Man of match honours went to Shawn Orcher, but all 18 players were in the mix for this award, well done.

For more information contact Coach, Heath Langdon

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