Match Report, 1st game ever.  Womens Team   23/05/18

Match Report, 1st game ever.  Womens Team   23/05/18


Last night for the first time, ever FRNSW fielded a Womens Rugby League team.  The inaugural game was held at McCredie Park Guildford and the opponents were the Mount Druitt Lions.  The team assembled was a good mix of Permanent, Retained and a player from the workshops (mechanic).  Jasmine Sarin and Ash Doble were the Co-captains for the game.   We were playing against a side that was a lot bigger and more experienced as they play every weekend and had only lost one game this year.  We had about 4 players that had played league before.  I’m not going to mention names but I had received calls prior to the game inferring my sanity might be a little unhinged as to why I had picked such a strong side to play against (no it wasn’t Dunners), were we risking coping a hiding, risking injury, maybe the women wouldn’t want to play anymore.  Lest just say after the game there were no more concerns.

So the game started, we had all just come together our first training run being 30 mins before the game.  Instructions were simple don’t run straight at the biggest players,  kick early for the first few sets get the bigger girls turning around to tire them out and to make sure we locked up the ball in defence.  1 outta 3 aint bad.  With Jasmine, Matilida (the machine), Kate, Gabrielle, Alysha and even Ash running straight at the bigger girls and stuff turning them around we’ll just run through them.  Defence was strong with some big hits, and even some of the girls that hadn’t played before coming up with some good one on one defence from Alinta and Sherie.   Quick play the balls and good service from Vanessa at dummy half,  saw Jasmine score the first try.  Mount Druitt quickly responded with a try of their own.  Best try of the night was a flowing backline movement that saw Alysha finish in the corner.  As the game wore on the speedsters Alana (I’m a firie), Gabrielle and Alysha started making massive inroads.  By the end of the game FRNSW had triumphed 24 to 12.

Finally I’d like to thank our Secretary Jacqueline McDonald, President Josh Turner, Media officer Mick Henly and the rest of the committee that helped get this side on the field. I’d also like to thank Wayne Smith and Grant(Sudsy) Rice for being the trainers on the night and Matilida who helped organise and recruit players, if I have missed anyone I’m old and I apologise.  The on duty crews that turned up to watch the game, 55 stn,49 stn, 73 stn. All the other spectators that came to watch the games.  To all players that turned up to play and best of all seemed to enjoy themselves have fun which after all is why we play rugby league thankyou.  I hope this is the start of having a strong woman’s team, which will continue to play together into the future.  I know that injuries and time restraints meant that some couldn’t make it to the game, next game is the 27th of June so   if available your more than welcome.  The team was as follows.

Jasmine Sarin, Ash Doble , Alysha Wynn-Jurd, Gabrielle Lee, April Merlino, Kate Gilbert,  Sherie Williams,  Alinta Wood, Alana Haswell, Matilida Quist,  Vanessa McKellar                    

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