About Us

The Fire & Rescue Rugby League club has a proud history, from playing a lead game to the State of Origin in 1982 at Lang Park, playing in the public service competition at the Domain in Sydney, to present day where we take part in the Chris Fuller cup against Correctional Services, and the annual game against Queensland Fire and Emergency Service.

The club has had many firefighters play or coach and has the backing of many past and present Chief Officers. Coaches like Jim Bamford, Donny Rogers, Chris and Steve Bamford, Garry (brother) Jones and Craig Wright. The player list is extensive with many with first grade NRL experience. All have played with passion and pride and with the firies commitment to never give up no matter what.

The Rugby League Club continues to move forward, having successfully established an Opens side as well as an over 35’s side. Whilst competitions like the Public service competition no longer exist, both this sides still play 3-4 games of hard footy every year. In 2018 we established a women’s team for the first time. We proved to be very competitive, winning our first game, which displayed the great football talent amongst our women.

One of the aims of the club is to bring together Firefighter’s, Permanent and Retained, as well as Administration staff to get the strongest possible team to take on Queensland Fire and Emergency Services in our interstate match.

It is important to keep Rugby League strong in our organisation because it reflects the values of FRNSW including fitness, teamwork, discipline, learning how to accept defeat and enjoying the rewards of winning.